The Glock Siderlock Trigger

Now you will want to loosen the bolts that connect the spring to the spring hangers. *Note: if the bolts are severely rusted you may need to apply a small amount of heat to the bolts, but make sure not to get too much heat on the spring hangers or the frame, as this will greatly weaken them.

Next the fisherman must consider the angle. Many Muskie fishermen angle their rods down as near to the water as practical, careful not to drag a one in the water. Typical salmon poles are angled about 15 to 30 degrees off the gunwale, pitching toward the back of the boat. Other rod holders are near level with the gunwale when trying to achieve maximum distance from the side of the boat. Dippsy rods are used in this case Bushings and Plain Bearings the rod holders are generally pointed outward and positioned perpendicular to the gunwale.

Turning to the wheel sets, carefully examine the drive rods and journals for wear. Clean the wheels with denatured alcohol including the tires. On the shafts of each wheel, there should be a set of bushings or bearings. Gently clean the drive wheel shafts and bushings/bearings with the denatured alcohol.

Insert the new shock (with new washer and lower Bushings installed on lower shock stud) in the shock tower be sure to get the upper shock stud through the hole in the engine compartment.

Then we lifted the transmission into place. At least we tried to. There was simply no room to get the transmission past the center part of the frame with the pressure plate installed. We looked at every option and finally decided to remove the pressure plate and se the transmission up before installing it.

Avoid anyone trying to sell you a “teacup” Pot Bellied Pig, these are pigs who have been stunted through poor genetics, or poor nutrition, they have much shorter lifespans and numerous health concerns. Do not fall for the cuteness and do not reward unscrupulous breeding.

The outside of the engine is really a shell with a shaft sticking out one side, and a flywheel on the other side. Then attached to this box is a fuel system (carberator) and an exhaust pipe. As you have learned in other articles, the magneto is attached to the flywheel side of the engine, and grabs magnetic pulses from the flywheel to make sparks for the spark plug.

The DXA-2s is so lightweight that you can take your compact DVR with you everywhere to capture professional audio. Throw it in your backpack when you out hiking – it won’t weight you down. Stow it in the saddlebag of your motorcycle – it doesn’t take up much room.

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