Travel 101: How Do You Get Kids Interested In History?

Hold the door open for her, pick up the tab, don’t bring up any of your exes… Do all of these classic dating rules still apply today, or have they changed? If we knew for sure, perhaps it would help to quell some of the nervousness we feel before any first date, which is important because when we feel nervous, we can’t really be ourselves. Here are some tips to help calm your thoughts and allow you to enjoy a first date while making an excellent first impression.

Not only do they have a wine bar, they also offer corporate retreats. In the wine tasting bar you can taste 3 Southern California wines for $7. There are other special prices for wines from different locations, check this site for more details.

Enjoy dancing to music with a DJ or to prerecorded tracks. Consider renting games from party planners like black light chess, Twister, and more. Have everyone wear white cotton tees if desired.

Gothic: This is a wedding theme on the upswing. For some couples, a Gothic wedding takes on a Victorian flavor, but for others, it is more dramatic. Subtle Gothic touches include jet black wedding jewelry, black candelabras filled with blood red roses, and bold makeup on the bride. More extreme couples have been known to take the Gothic theme much further, such as hosting the wedding at a cemetery. For those with an interest in a Gothic wedding, there are plenty of new websites cropping up to help you strike the right note with your flowers, attire, decor, and much more.

Ask questions. And listen to her answers. This is a big one, and for some reason it is overlooked by a lot of men. Ask her questions about her interests, her loves, her hobbies, etc. Steer clear of religion and politics on the first date. But pretty much anything else you can ask her about is good.

Most women horse and carriage hire for weddings delight in choosing their bridal gown. When choosing a dress for your fairy tale wedding, be sure to choose a gown that you love and complements your figure as well as personality. This is the moment that you have waited for all of your life so be sure to make the fairy tale come true with the perfect dress.

Pirate: Sail the Seven Seas with a pirate theme wedding. This one promises swashbuckling adventure for all invited! The key with a pirate wedding is to walk the fine line between embracing the theme and looking too much like a costume party. Think “sophisticated pirate”. Decorations like vintage maps and old ships’ wheels will fit in with the theme without looking cheesy. Nautical flags are another great decor idea, especially the old-timey pirate symbols. Chocolate coins wrapped with gold foil make the perfect “booty” for wedding favors, and of course, the drink of the day should be rum.

If you would like to stay at serenity springs, or learn more about their rates and packages visit their web site for more information. They run several different specials through out the year.

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